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SAXX Vibe Modern Boxer Brief Review

SAXX’s tagline, “life changing underwear” is a bold claim – but definitely not untrue.

SAXX produce a range of products, from the everyday boxer to high-performance compression shorts. Each line of underwear has an “articulated front pouch”, which comfortably supports the male anatomy and naturally keeps everything where it should be.

This review will focus on the SAXX’s Vibe Modern Boxer Brief.

One of many fun and exciting colours

Prior to my first pair of SAXX underwear, I’ve never thought too much about my underwear and focused my clothing budget primarily on my outer appearance. However, SAXX provide a fun way to dress up your underwear, with the Vibe Modern style coming in five different stripe patterns, three dip dye color combinations, as well as a camouflage pattern. Albeit a minute part of the day, this had made my morning underwear selection much more entertaining.

The underwear is made from 95% viscose and 5% spandex and includes a medium width, jacquard logo waistband. Having only worn cotton underwear before, I immediately noticed a large increase in comfort and feel. This underwear is incredibly soft and light, prompting me to often forget that I am even wearing any. Their articulated front pouch allows the underwear to fit better around your legs which prevented them from bunching up when I sat down.

If the price ($29-39) intimidates you, I highly encourage you to take a leap of faith. Start with one pair, undergo the life-changing experience SAXX provides, and then feel how your current underwear collection will no longer satisfy your daily needs. Remember, you get what you pay for, especially with something you’re going to need all day, every day.

This product is available at Running Free locations as well as at 

Overall, they’re the best pair of underwear that I’ve ever worn. Receiving underwear for your birthday used to be upsetting – but SAXX will definitely be on my wishlist this year.

Thanks for reading,

Ryan Ridler

Team Running Free Orangeville Athlete

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