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Arena Fluid Goggles

I was always in and around water as a child, between swimming lessons and camping by a lake with my family. As a teenager and young adult I spent a few years lifeguarding, before refusing to go anywhere near an indoor pool due to my eyes being more sensitive than normal to chlorine. Since getting into Xterra racing in 2016, however, I’ve had to go back to indoor swimming practice, and I have been struggling with the chlorine ever since.

As someone with slightly deep set eyes, it is difficult to find a pair of goggles that fit my face comfortably, while keeping water out and not fogging up. I’ve tried several different brands and styles of goggle, and been unsatisfied with all of them.

These Arena Fluid goggles are the first pair I’ve tried that meet all my criteria. I was introduced to them and lent a pair to try on by an Arena representative at the Team Running Free athlete’s night. From the product description:

“Arena has developed their Fluid women’s goggles to specifically fit a woman’s face. Crafted with their Liquid Core Technology for long-lasting comfort and performance, these training goggles are a durable design with zero leaks. You’ll be amazed at how clearly you can see with these hard lenses. Their curved shape ensures excellent front and lateral vision. Like all our goggle designs, they provide UV protection and won’t fog up. Adapt as needed with the customizable split strap and self-adjusting nose bridge.”

Fit comfortably on my face? Check.

Don’t leak? Check.

Stay on my face while pushing off the pool wall? Check.

Stay on my face during flip turns? Check?

Don’t fog up? Check.

You can buy your own pair of Arena Fluid Goggle on the Running Free Website, or by popping into a store.

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