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EC3D Compression Tights

I had never worn compression tights before picking up my pair of EC3D tights. As such, I was not entirely sure what to expect from them, nor did I have a basis for comparison.

From the product description:

“EC3D’s seamless Compression Tights shape and support every muscle of your leg while promoting optimal musculoskeletal alignment. The calibrated and graduated compression, highest at the ankle, decreases as it goes up, thus improving blood circulation and oxygenation of the muscles. Ideal to wear with any EC3D ankle sock.”

My first impression was curiosity, due to the unisex sizing of the EC3D brand. The sizing is based on your measurements at calf, thigh and hip. They are so stretchy that I notice no fault in fit.

I found these tights much easier to get on than a wetsuit, and not that much more difficult to get on than a pair of non-compression running tights (my only bases for comparison since I had never tried compression tights before). The material stretched well, and it was easy to move the fabric upwards along the legs to get a good fit in the hips. At no point did I worry about ripping the fabric either by pulling on too small an area, or by a fingernail mishap as I sometimes worry about with wetsuits or stockings. A thinner area over the knee caps provides a good visual for positioning of the tights. The use of two groin seams instead of one is interesting, but I believe it is actually comfier than the traditional single seam.

These tights feel smooth while running. All muscles feel supported and nothing bounces around noticeably. The tights stay in place with no bunching, rolling, slipping, or chafing, and I don’t usually need to tighten the drawstring.

Furthermore, the EC3D website informs me that EC3D is a Canadian company and these tights are made in Canada. I’m always happy to support Canadian companies.

My only dislike so far is that, with about 20km of running in them, I am already getting a bit of fabric wear and felting where my thighs rub against each other as I run. I will be interested in seeing how they hold up through this winter’s run and ski season.

You can shop EC3D compression tights on the Running Free Website, or by dropping in to a store. Plus, they’re on sale for Black Friday!

These items were provided free of charge through the Team Running Free program in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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