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During the 2016 lottery I was fortunate to have been given the EC3D lottery gift of up to $49.00 of my choice.  I chose to get the women’s compression sports bra and compression socks.

I truly believe in using the compression socks for my long distance running.  I find they are very comfortable and  hardly know that they are on.  I find they are very moisture wicking and  do not find I sweat while wearing them.  I specifically chose  the solid compression sleeves as I find they stabilize and  help the blood circulation in my calves during those long runs.  Long intense runs can tire the muscles in your lower legs so easily and I find the EC3D compression socks keep everything in sinc and lower the risk of injury to the lower leg.  Cramping seems to be an issue with the long distances but when I wear my EC3D compression sleeves I have minimal cramping or soreness which helps with the recovery process.  They are easy to care for, just throw them in the wash machine with my other running gear and air dry.  There are a few different colours/design to choose from and would recommend every runner to own at least one pair.

The second item I decided to have was the Women’s EC3D Dynamic Compression Bra.  I have wore many types of sports bra’s but I must say this is one of my favorites.  When I where this bra ” the girls” are completely set in place and I find there is no movement at all.  I found I had no chaffing or rub marks and I actually felt so much better running feeling the compression and my whole upper chest was not moving at all.  The EC3D Compression bra offers complete support and had no “bouncing” during my runs.  The bra comes with adjustable straps allowing a personal fit.  Easy to care for, just throw in with my other running gear and air dry.  I would recommend this EC3D compression bra for women to help keep the bouncing girls to a minimum.



Married with 3 children. I never liked running as a kid growing up but took up running at the young age of 45 when my youngest was in his teens. I always walked but needed more activity in my life and began running to keep myself in shape. Running gives me the freedom to get away from every day life occurrences and helps to clear my mind. I love to push myself to the next limit and happy with my accomplishments.

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