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Team Running Free 2024 has been launched.
Our sincere thanks to everyone who applied. If your application was successful you’ll have received an email on February 18th, 2024. Applications for 2025 will be available here in September 2024. Please visit teamrunningfree.comfor more information.

lizmaola2_transThe Team Running Free Concept…

Running Free is pleased to support a unique sponsorship program for athletes of all levels. Sponsorship has always been an active part of Running Free’s commitment to promoting the Running Free philosophy and brand. We want to help you realize your full potential but also to give back to the sport and the community. The sponsorship program targets not only elite athletes but also passionate amateur athletes.

How does it work?

The Team Running Free Sponsorship program is focused on three core sports: Running, Triathlon and Adventure Racing. Team athletes earn points throughout the season that are totaled and the end of the year to determine whether that athlete has earned their spot on the team the following season.

Team Members accumulate points by:

  • Writing great gear reviews, race reports and training articles
  • Volunteering at Team RF race partner’s events
  • Attracting media attention. (TV, print, radio, web etc.)
  • Helping at a run group/clinic or leading a training group
  • Online participation
  • Raising money or donating items for a Team RF charity event
  • Racing in Team RF gear or placing in your AG.
  • and many other ways…

Successful applicants will be will be provided with:

  • Complete Team program manual
  • Network with hundreds of like-minded Team RF athletes online at at races
  • Team Running Free gear to wear proudly!
  • Discounts at all Running Free locations
  • Special Pro Deals from participating product partners.
  • Many athletes receive FREE products or race entries for review purposes.
  • Full athlete profiles on and
  • Motivation to reach your goals and the support of over 100 fellow team mates.
  • Other special offers throughout the season…

Who can apply?

Are you passionate about Running, Triathlon or Adventure Racing? Do you believe that you can be a great ambassador for Team Running Free, it’s partners and the sports you love? Do you regularly compete at races? Do you live within a reasonable driving distance of a Running Free location?

The Team Running Free sponsorship program is for absolutely anyone of any level of performance. If you have the desire and drive to be part of something larger, recognize that sponsorship is a two way street and want to give back to your athletic community, Team Running Free is for you!

Applications for Team Running Free 2024 are now closed.
Our sincere thanks to everyone who applied. The Team will be launched in the new year. If you submitted an application you’ll hear from us then. Applications for 2025 will be available here in September 2024. Please visit teamrunningfree.comfor more information.

  • Applicants must live within reasonable driving distance of the store you are applying to. As a Team Running Free athlete you will need to regularly visit your store for various reasons not to mention to shop!
  • Each person applying must submit their own application and maintain their own points standing if selected.
  • Applications for must be received by no later than Nov 30 to be considered.
  • The team selection process occurs early in the new year at which time you will be contacted via email to let you know if you have been selected.