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Gu Roctane-a bit of a different look

posted for Ryan Van Praet (team RF)

We all know alot about the Gu product line, as they are a valued sponsor for Team Running Free. You’ve got an amazing line of products ranging from the GuBrew sports drink, the Gu Chomps energy chews that give you a nice punch of energy in a tasty, chewy form, as well as the Gu gels.
Gu also has the Roctane product line. These are you standard Gu gels but they pack a bit more of a punch!
The Roctane gels contain OKG and other extra amino acids that help inhibit muscle tissue breakdown and fatigue caused by intense exercise. It’s kind of like the regular gel, but with a few “secret ingredients”.
They have also added more citrates which help in the quick conversion of carbs to energy (getting you the energy when you need it—NOW!)… Also these help in the buffering of lactic acid.

So what are my impressions?
Well, the main question many ask is “Does the extra hype and promises live up to the slightly higher cost?” From my limited experience, I would say MAYBE. If you have followed a very solid fueling plan for your race and are nearing the end and need that bit of a kick, I think Roctane may actually give you a bit extra. I could very well be all psychological but in my use, there did seem to be a bit “something” extra there for me when i needed it.
However, if you plan to neglect your fueling and hope to serve up a magic bullet at the end of a hard training effort or race…Roctane won’t save your bacon at this point-the damage is done.

I think if you are an athlete that is meticulous about your fueling and you want a little extra something to get you over the top, then sure, consider a Roctane…..they come in AWESOME flavours. This to me is the biggest bonus of the product line-some amazing combinations.

Writing a review on a nutritional product line is really tough, as someone with a “picky” digestive system, I find it really tough to give super solid advice as to what is best or better then another, as I believe nutrition is so personal.

That being said, Gu takes their performance seriously and I believe that are right up there as top contenders in the world of sports nutrition and well worth a look. They have a slightly thicker consistancy which some like (i’m not a big fan of that); but as said I think they have wonderful flavour ideas. This alone could keep you eating all race long! As we know, if you get tired of what you are eating, you stop, you bonk!

All and all, Gu Roctane may be that little extra something you bring with you on race day to make you “feel” faster, something like bringing out all your best gear on raceday to get the extra edge. Roctane may or may not be that extra edge-who am I to say!
Give it a shot, besides my personal preferences, there really is no “negative” aspect of the entire Gu Product line. It just all comes down to what works for you!

Ryan Van Praet
Canadian National Paratriathlon Champion -Visually Impaired.


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