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Product review – Montrail Molokini sandals

It didn’t start out as a great year. I was hobbling around on a cane with my knee all inflamed. Unable to run or cycle, I even had trouble walking. This was the year I took up camping, it didn’t necessarily require too much walking and I found canoeing challenged me enough to get running out of my system for a while. One of the problems I had though was what to wear on my feet in the summer that were cool and comfortable and wouldn’t slip off as I limped along.  I usually wear Burks but they aren’t particularly water resistant and if they get wet they stay wet for a while so I knew I needed something else. I remember hearing about Montrail Molokini.  I had my doubts; after all they look like flip flops on steroids but all doubts when away once I started wearing them.

I pronate a bit, that’s one of the reasons I like to wear Burks so I was a little skeptical about the support in the Molokini. I followed the instructions to heat them in the oven before slipped them on to mold them to my feet. They felt great. They instantly became my go to sandal for the summer. Water resistant, comfortable, the foot bed doesn’t get slippery when wet, they stay on my feet without having to curl my toes, they are washable and they have great support.

Montrail Molokini sandals are thermo-moldable flip flops that come in 6 color options for men and women. They are unique because they are heat molded to your foot – a safe do-it-yourself task. They weigh about 6 ounces and feature a reinforced grid outsole that provides great traction even on slippery rocks. The straps are synthetic backed and don’t chafe and the toe post is slender enough not to cause blisters between my toes.

My Molokini have become my go to sandals. I have worn them camping, volunteering at races, kicking around town and even to the office. They are the perfect sports sandal.

Montail Molokini

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