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The Importance of Proper Bike Fit

After purchasing my new road bike in the spring I decided that I didn’t need to pay the extra money to get fitted. When I had purchased a Triathlon bike a few years before I was fitted by one of the most respected fitters in the industry. Because I had only ever road mountain bikes before, he set me up in the least aggressive position on the bike and said, as I get more comfortable I could move the cockpit down. Within a couple months I was wanted to get more aggressive and aero. Unfortunately as I move the cockpit down I started to feel uncomfortable. I didn’t want to pay for a refitting so I made adjustments myself and became more comfortable, although I don’t know if I was in a very aero position. I figured that I might as well save the money and fit myself.

When I brought the bike home I did a quick fit and headed out for a ride. From that first ride I started to feel knee pain, so I adjusted the fit and the pain moved to my lower back. After 2 weeks of adjustment with no improvement I decided that I needed professional help. I knew Rick Choy through Running Free and had heard good things about his bike fitting from other athletes.

The first thing Rick did was hook me up to a power meter so he could monitor how the adjustments he made would affect the power I was producing. After observing me riding for a few minutes he began to make adjustments to put me into an optimal position, always checking to see how the power was reacting. He also noticed that my right arm was slightly longer than my left, which I hadn’t really noticed before. I was amazed at his attention to detail and ability to “see” where the problem was. A few times I told him of discomfort and after he changed something that I thought was not related the discomfort would be gone. At the end of the bike fit I could not believe how much more comfortable I was on the bike. It felt like I was riding a completely different bike, and on top of that at the low speed that I was riding I had gained 20 watts of power. If you are looking at buying a new bike or are uncomfortable on your current bike getting it fitted by Rick is an excellent investment. From my own experience and from what I have heard from the many other cyclists I have talked to Rick is one of the best in the business.

Rick Choy provides these professional services to help you get the maximum benefit out of your training. All services are by appointment and are available at Running Free. He can be reached at for further information and to make an appointment.

Lactate Testing: Lactate threshold is one of the most important physiological markers for training and success in endurance sports. By measuring the lactate levels in blood samples taken during a ramping cycling test performed on an power meter, we can determine your maximum sustainable performance capacity. The data collected during the test (lactate, heart rate, and power) will be used to establish your lactate threshold, as well as specific heart rate and power training intensities to help you improve your sport-specific performance.

Bike Fit: A good position on the bike is essential for comfort, aerobic and aerodynamic performance, and injury prevention. Bicycle positioning is individualized based upon flexibility, strength, experience, and skeletal characteristics. The goal of the bike fit is to arrive at a comfortable, efficient, aerodynamic, and powerful position you can utilize to reach your goals.

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