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Central Region Short Course Championships

Hi everybody. I just got back from my championship swim meet and man, it was tough to get through. I had a great start on Thursday when I went a time of 10:42.64 for the 800m freestyle. In case you don’t know much about swimming thats not the fastest time that a 12 year can go but it put in 5th place which is my best placing ever at a Central Region meet. On Friday I hit a big low. I added 2 seconds to my 400m freestyle time which had been 5:16.86. I came to the pool on Saturday ready to kick some butt in my 100m freestyle but, I slipped. Literally, I slipped on the blocks at the start of the race. It was just a little slip but I was only able to improve my time by less than a second. But I made up for it in the 200m breastroke. I took off 6 seconds and almost won my heat. On Sunday, I gave myself everything I had. I swam well in my 200m freestyle but only improved my time by less than a second. Then I took off two seconds in my 200m backstroke to make myself beleive that I was a desent backstroker (I hadn’t gone abest time in backstroke for who knows how long). All in all I think I had an okay meet, all things considered of course.

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