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CW-X Insulator Expert Tights

cwx_insulatortights_mens.jpgcoupon_roger-hospedales.jpgDesigned to enhance performance, the CWX Insulator Expert Tights deliver that plus lots more.

The CWX’s Conditioning Web technology makes these tights truly unique. Extra stability is provided for the knee joint (gotta protect those knees), and additional support is targeted for the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, it band and hip flexors. All of these work together to improve efficiency and reduce fatigue. This is a welcome feature that benefited my long runs. I felt less fatigue during those long runs (and shorter runs) and reduced soreness after. I could definitely feel the support of Conditioning Web but it is comfortable and non- intrusive.

Aesthetically, the Conditioning Web design makes you look and feel like Spiderman (at least from the waist down). Feeling like a superhero during those long tough workouts surely doesn’t hurt. However, the SPF 50 UV protection that the fabric offers is a feature that cannot be debated.

As the name implies, these tights are especially designed for cold weather conditions. The Auto Sensor fabric regulates temperature, keeping you warm in cool conditions and cool in warm conditions. It is also antibacterial. This combined with its rapid drying ability allow you to use it for a few days in a row without washing and having to worry about offending your running partners with a horrific odor. You might even get by with not washing them for more than and week but at that point you might have some hygienic issues.

I like dressing especially warm so once the temperatures dip into the minus double digits I would suggest a double layer. Either a thin layer underneath, or on top to make sure you get full benefit of the Conditioning Web. Some might get away with just the tights alone because they block wind fairly well but I’ve experienced some frosty groin conditions when not going with the double layer.

These CWX tights have won me over. I feel the need to wear them on all my runs and only go without them if they are in the wash. But I suppose I can solve that problem by getting another pair.

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