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5 Peaks Trail Albion Hills – Euduro 10km

April 28, 2007 –

The first 5 Peaks race of the season kicked off to a great start with a sizeable turnout and perfect running weather.  I really like this Race Series because they give you a chance to volunteer and run the race on the very same day – you don’t have to choose one or the other.  Another bonus is that if you volunteer you get a free race entry which you can use on the same day or in the near future.

The race was VERY well marked and I know this because I volunteered to pick up all the little flags and markers with teammates David & Lindsay (it took over 2 hours to clean a 10km course).  The footing was good too despite the rain from the night before.  The course was beautiful and scenic and I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Final stats 54:51.8 (5:27min/km), 7/20 age group

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