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Opus Epic 8hr MTB Mansfield

Date: May 28, 2007
Description: Opus Epic 8Hr MTB Solo
– Location: Mansfield
– Race Name: Opus Epic 8hr MTB Solo
– Sport: MTB
– Race web site:

Team Running Free @ MansfieldTeam Running Free members were out in full force at Mansfield for the season opener for the Epic 8hr series. Harper Forbes and Joe Gabor used the race as preparation for the 6 day expedition race Raid the North Extreme @ Prince George, BC while Bill Logie was preparing for the Test of Metal MTB race, Denise Rispolie for Quest for a Cure (and the Death Race) and myself and Bill Trayling preparing for the 7 day mountain bike sufferfest, the Transrockies Challenge.

The Epic 8 @ Mansfield is the first of three 8hr mountain bike races in Ontario put on by Chico Racing. Many use the race as a tuneup for the popular 24hr Summer Solistice @ Albion Hills. Under great weather conditions, over 100 solo riders and 100+ relay teams set off on the 10.5km looped course. Right from the get-go the course takes a rolling hill climb before it entered some fast and twisty single track.
While not a super technical course, there were 3 sections to note during each loop:

1. An off-camber descent off a side of the hill – one slip and it’s off the hill!

2. A long and gradual hill which changed from double track into tight, sandy single track that kept going up and up and up!

3. A sharp descent into a track of sand that made staying on your bike a challenge!

Congrats to Bill Trayling who place 2nd in his division with a mind numbing 14 loops! Also props to Amy and Catherine for supporting 9 riders! Best of luck to the rest of the gang who showed that RF athletes can ride too!

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  • After hammering for 8 hours solid, Im REALLY lookin’ forward to 7 straight 8 hour days climbing through the Rockies. TR – Here we come!

    These 8 hour events are a real complimant to the OCup series. Chico and his gang put on an incredible event.

    Thanks to all who kept me goin’ through the day. Catherine and Amy rocked. It was great to hear cheers from my boys from the Hardwood Devo Team as well.

    Ride on.

  • The “kids” from Hardwood Hills are pretty amazing – of course they are under the tutelage of Bill “O Cup” Master Trayling.

    No shortage of great events to do in Ontario, this is just one of them!

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