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gu_justplain_single.jpgcoupon_buynow_team.jpgOver the past few years I have experimented with many different types and brands of Gels. I initially tried GU about two years ago and remember being not to fond of the flavour. I ended up using CarbBoom gels for quite a while until recently. I started looking for a new gel when I found the extra sweetness in the CarbBoom Gels was starting to get be not so appealing on longer training days. This time once I tried GU again I was hooked. I find that GU gives the calories and carbs that you are looking for on a long training day without any extra sweetness or sugary flavouring. Each Gel (from my Just Plain case) has 100 calories, 0g fat, 25g carb, 3g sugar, 50mg sodium and 35mg potassium. The GU flavours are pretty tasty but not too overbearing. My new favourite flavour is Just Plain. It sounds pretty boring but it actually very refreshing. I was skeptical at first but now it is my all time favorite. The plain flavour is a very subtle vanilla and it tastes great. I would definitely recommend GU to anyone and there are many different flavours to suit every taste bud. I am not fond of the coffee and chocolate flavours in any gels but they have these too for the chocolate lovers. I am officially hooked on Just Plain GU Gel! And in my next gear review I will have to update you on my new favourite drink Raspberry GU2O.

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  • So I’m guessing you really like the Just Plain GU! 🙂 This is good to read as I just picked up a bunch of different flavours of GU to try out. Being a strict Carb-BOOM person for the last few years and having had 24 in one day during IMLP, I’m also looking for something a little less sweet and hoping to shake it up a bit. Doesn’t hurt that GU is a team sponsor!

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