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This past weekend while helping out at the Running Free July Sale, I assisted a customer in his decision of choosing a new pair of running socks. His criteria: lightweight material & blister prevention. Now, I’ve never worked in a running store and can’t profess to knowing more about socks than th average joe….so all I had to go on was my own personal experience, being a long-time runner myself.

I currently own two pairs of Fox River Wick Dry running socks. Since the spring, these have been my socks of choice for running and multisport events. I own both the ankle and quarter length Ultra-Light versions. So far I have been delighted with the perfcoupon_buynow_team.jpgormance of my Fox River socks. The light wicking fabric keep my feet feeling cool and dry. The friction reducing outer toe seam has prevented any issues with chafing. I have never had any problems with either pair of socks slipping or bunching during exercise, and even find them easy to pull on quickly in the transition area of a triathlon. I use my socks for running, cycling, mtn biking, and multisport events. I have probably worn them almost every single day since the spring and have yet to notice any wear and tear in the material or fit. All in all, I have been very impressed with their performance.

I shared my experiences with the customer at the store and sent him happily on his way with a couple of pairs of Fox River running socks of his own! I am sure his experiences with them will be as positive as my own have been.

If you would like to learn more about Fox River socks, visit their website at:

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  • I too have enjoyed the Fox River Running Socks. I have found the light weight socks to be best for the hot weather running I have been doing of late. I look forward to trying out the heavier weights for fall and winter running. I was particularly impressed be the nice, snug fit in the arch and heal of my foot providing some compression in the area most needed thus removing the risk of blisters. Fox River has truly developed a sock with the runner in mind!

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