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Seattle Half Marathon – Better late than never

Seattle Half Marathon

November 30, 2008

Seattle, WA

Half and Full Marathon Distances

Well this race was initially going to be a full marathon for me but do my significant lack of training I thought it would be better to opt out and do the half.  I had been training a group of people from my husbands work to do this race and there were 10 of us heading down for the big day.  I was VERY under prepared, however did the race mainly to support our friends many of whom were new runners and some of whom were even doing the first EVER race!!!

The organization, accommodations and of  course location were amazing.  For us it was a quick drive from Vancouver across the border and a fun weekend away.  We were able to walk from our hotel to the expo, restaurants and the race start.  The race day was over cast but not raining (which is a big shock for the west coast in the fall).  Unfortunately the clouds and fog blocked most of what probably would have been an amazing view.  The race started at the space needle in the center of Seattle, headed down along the waterfront, through the Arboretum and back to the city center.  I hadn’t done much background research into the race and was surprised by how hilly it was.  It was definitely a challenging course but one I think I would do again for sure!!

Out of our group everyone finished and one first timer even finished in am impressive 1:47.  Even more importantly the whole group wants to do another half and the minute the race ended they were all planning which race the group would tackle next.

I will be working with this group again to tackle the Vancouver half in the spring and since we all really enjoyed Seattle the plan is to come back for 2009!!

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