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Brooks Adrenaline GT8

Brooks Adrenaline 8 MensI tried the Adrenaline GTS 7 in August because I have had some time off serious training and figured I should get back to some shoes with some medial support as I start to increase my mileage again, since I really enjoyed them, I decided the next pair will be the GT8. Although the line has been discontinued, these shoes are still available at various stores, including at RF at a discounted price. I picked these up at the Markham location for $120. Overall, I have enjoyed training in these, including long runs and intervals on the treadmill. Let’s take a look at each feature, and I will put in my two cents worth along the way.

The pronation control technology is the reason many runners would consider the Adrenaline line, which is designed for moderate over pronators with lots of cushioning. Brooks provide the control with the usual combination of a dual density mid sole (a harder rubber at the medial or inside of the sole) and shank like structures that guide the motion of the foot. Brooks called these features “Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar (PDRB)” and “DRB Accel.”. Further more, a combination of mid sole and out sole construction called the “Engineered Stable Pod Configuration” is meant to put the foot in the proper position. I have found very little flex in these shoes, the ride feel stiff and straight forward. The wear pattern on the bottom of the shoe also suggests that I am not excessively pronating, as there is very little wear on the big toe side.

The cushioning is another selling point of the Adrenaline line, Brooks continues to use its Hydroflo technology in the heel and forefoot, MOGO material is used on the entire length of the shoe, and S-257 rubber is found in the insole board for extra cushioning. I feel that the MOGO material is very effective, I remember the difference a couple of years ago when I went from the Glycerine 4 to the Glycerine 5, and notice that the latter with MOGO had a plusher ride that the former (which used a different EVA rubber). The GT8 provides cushioning and remains responsive, the ride is similar to the GT7, and hopefully the durability would be similar as I managed to get about 350km out of the old shoes. The outsole is constructed with HPR PLUS rubber, which was the same as the many other Brooks models. As most runners would agree, most shoes’ outsoles remain intact as we break down the midsole much more quickly. This material does its job, as the midsole my old pair of GT7 began to feel like cardboard boxes after 5 months of training, the outsole was still in good condition. I am certain that the GT8 outsole would take the beating much better than the midsole.

The upper material is the standard mix of mesh and non mesh material; it’s difficult to say if they would breathe well in the summer as it is still rather frigid in Toronto.

The only colour scheme available is white, silver and yellow, while the GT9 will go back to the white, silver, blue and black scheme as the GT7. I enjoy training with these shoes, the length fits as expected and so does the width. I like the fit as well, although some runners might prefer a wider toe box. These shoes simply do what they are meant to do, as they provide good cushioning and solid support for moderate overpronators. Brooks wisely have not made many changes since the GT7 as they were solid training shoes also. From the Brooks website, the new GT9 will be more of the same with the exception of the “Bio MOGO” which is supposed to disintegrate more readily in the landfill. As good as these shoes are, I will likely to go back to more neutral shoes as I feel that the GT8 provides more support than I actually need.

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  • Great review, super insightful. Let me add my perspective, as I’ve been running in these for three years now, chalking up countless miles and many races, including two Ironmans.

    As a larger (210 pound) runner who overpronates, I tend to be very picky about my shoes. After much consultation with Jeremy, we landed on the Adrenaline’s. My priorities were 1) Moderate overpronation correction that can work in concert with my orthotics 2) Cushioning for my feet, knees and hips. These shoes have done it in spades, so much so that the hip issues I was plagues with with other shoes have virtually disappeared.

    Additionally, I find I can get a few more miles out of comparable shoes, perhaps 15-20%. This is important, as putting in long miles wears down not just the body but the wallet. The shoes are also somewhat cheaper than competitive offerings from other companies, which further reinforces their value.

    I guess I’m an Adrenaline junkie.

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