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Soldier On Cyclethon

Soldier On, is a term used in the Canadian Army. The dictionary describes it as to continue one’s efforts despite despite difficulties or pressure.  And that is the title of the the program created to aid soldiers who have been injured to soldier on.  So on February 27th and 28th in the RMC gym the first ever Soldier On Cycle-thon  was run by the senior Cadets. Some did it by relay while a hardy few went for 24 hours straight. Though for all part of the challenge was to out work the Dean of Cadets Lt Col Tony O”Keefe. Tony O’Keefe should be a familiar name to anyone who follows triathlon as he placed second at last Novembers Ultra Man Triathlon in Hawaii. Who rode the whole 24 hour period with some Cadets who where inspired by his endurance capers.  Myself did a 2 hour shift for the team of the base civilian staff. And it was fun watching the Cadets try to out work each other’s sections in mileage. The prize for the team that went the furthest was a pizza party.

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