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Compression Part 2

Compression Part 2

I was lucky enough to test the new Zoot compression wear in the last few weeks. I tested the Zoot CompressRX long sleeve active top, CompressRx socks and the CompressRx active tight. From my last article on compression wear, you already know I am a big believer of compression clothing, having owned CW-X tights for almost 5 years.

Like Sugoi compression socks, Zoot socks use graduated compression technology. Zoot also uses the same graduated compression and added zoned muscle compression in their tights and shirts.

Opening up the package, I was surprised to see how small the shirt and tights were. However, I had sent my measurements so I knew the size was correct. I pulled the shirt over my head and it seemed to slide on well but snug. I was surprised how non-restrictive it was when on. I could feel some lower back compression and support through the chest. The tights’ fabric was a little coarser than the CW-X tights but also seemed to have more compression throughout the tight and not just in specific areas like CW-X.

I decided to wear the shirt and socks in a 10km snowshoe race to see how they felt. After 10km of running up a ski hill and 2 valleys, the shirt felt pretty good – I would even say my posture was better. The socks had more compression and felt more snug than the Sugoi sock, which I liked.

In the end, I found I liked the CompressRx shirt and the CompressRx socks for running and skiing and the CompressRx tights for apres race recovery.

Who knows what’s next in world of compression – maybe compression khakis for recovery at work…

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  • I have tested CW-X and 2XU and I love 2xu so much more comfortable and light weight. I was a fan of CWX but was easily converted into a 2xu fan when I tried them for the first time. I love the tights, top and socks from 2XU

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