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When I picked up these team bike shorts and my first thought was that the chamois was really thick and the fabric was very stretchy.  Before going into my personal thoughts on the shorts, let’s review the company’s product information.  The shorts are based on Sugoi’s Evolution shorts; you can see the company’s literature on the following link:

The special features on the shorts include:

  • EvoTech fabric that uses a dual-surface technology to enhance durability and micro-fibre inner to draw and disperse moisture away from your skin. 
  • The RC Pro chamois is designed to fit the body’s contour and relief pressure at the right spots. 
  • The 8-panel construction and the contour design provide fit and the right amount of compression. 
  • Sugoi’s signature leg grippers help the shorts to stay in place.  The flat seam also increases comfort while riding.

Several features should be mentioned about the chamois.  There is a channel in the middle to relieve pressure; a thick and high vibration dampening material (called Meryl(r) Skinlife synthetic knit) to provide cushioning for the hip bone area; the long front and the design on the side of the chamois provide improved ventilation and comfort.  The outside panels and the back v-notch are designed to provide better comfort as well. 

I thoroughly enjoy wearing these shorts.  Same as my first impression, the chamois is the most noticeable feature.  The chamois really provides padding at the right spots, it is thicker than any other chamois I have ever used, I got a feeling that the chamois was acting like a part of the saddle.  Although it might seem like a contradiction, I think I would enjoy the shorts as much (if not more) if the chamois was a bit thinner.  In the beginning of the every ride, it didn’t feel quite right as if I was not riding a bike, but I got used to the sensation each time as time progressed on each respective ride.   

Another thing I like about the shorts is that the fabric on the inner thighs are thicker that the fabric on the outside; which makes sense as abrasion with the saddle has worn down fabric of my other bike shorts.  The fit of these shorts are outstanding, I believe it’s the contour design as the lower part of the shorts are much smaller than the top.  As well, the fabric is very stretchy, when I first put on these shorts; it looked like I might have gotten a size too more, but when I pulled them up, the medium size fit perfectly.  The last thing I would like to mention is that the inseam is very long (9 in), it’s a first for me, and I think it looks pretty cool, same as some ProTour riders’ outfits I have seen on magazines.   

Fit and comfort are vital aspects for a pair of bike shorts.  When I first started cycling as a student, I went for the lowest priced shorts, which did the job.  Later on, as I started working, I went for some pricier bib shorts and I found out that beyond basic padding, there could be a much higher level of fit and comfort. The Running Free team shorts have shown another level of comfort and fit that I didn’t think possible for non-bib shorts; and as team apparel, they are also a bargain. 

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