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Nathan Women’s Series Intensity Race Pack – Gear Review

Over the years, I have tried many types of hydration packs for both adventure racing and ultra running races.  Now almost exclusively an ultra-runner, I was looking for a small, lightweight pack, that still had enough room for food and extras needed for running 100 mile plus trail races.   Having a small frame, I always had difficulty finding a pack that fit Nathan Intensity Pack Womens  by Nathan Style 5011N21well, stayed put while running and didn’t chafe.  Finally a hydration pack designed for woman that fits perfectly!  The Nathon Womes’s Series Intensity Race Pack was designed specifically for women, and you can tell the difference compared to traditional packs.  The pack is small with a women’s specific harness and torso length, and is extremely lightweight (5.5 oz).  The mesh material increases breathability, keeping you cool when running on hot days.  The suspension system virtually eliminates bounce and swaying.
There is plenty of storage on the front for food which is a great feature because you don’t waste time hunting for supplies, they are accessible.  My older pack does not have an internal system to support the bladder as it is drained, so it tends to bunch up in the bottom of the pack a bit. However, on the newer model that I have, Nathan has added this feature.   The bladder itself is great, and the 2 liter capacity allows you to fill as required based on the time you plan on being out running.  The wide opening at the top of the bladder also makes it easy to fill and clean.  I do prefer bite valves over the current system used to drink from the bladder.  However, the newer model has included a bite valve on the bladder, which is great.  Overall, the pack is an excellent choice if you are going to be running a long ultra with few aid stations, or going out on a day hike/adventure run.  I have used the pack to run anywhere between 2–6 hours without having to restock.  Thanks Nathon for designing a pack that is perfect for women and for ultra-running!

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  • I agree, I was skeptical to spend the money but I just couldn’t carry enough water during my long runs. I have used it for the past two weekends and am happy with the purchase.

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