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Nathon Speed 2 Hydration Belt – Gear Review

The Nathan Speed 2 Hydration Belt is an excellent waist belt for all around use.  It is ideal for long ultra-runs/races, adventure trips, or hiking trips as long as there is water availability en route if planning on being out for more than 2 hours.  I primarily use the belt for shorter (eg. 50 km races) or longer races with multiple aid stations.  The best feature about this product is that it has a stretch elasticized waist belt with soft perimeter bindings.  I love the waist belt design as it eliminates those extra lengths of belt that always seem to annoy you, and you don’t have to tighten it so much that it causes stomach cramps, yet there is virtually no bounce.  It conveniently comes in various sizes including small, medium, and large, and is reasonably lightweight.   The hydration belt has a mesh moisture-wicking backing so that it is comfortable and increases breathability.  This is the first waist belt that I can wear for ultra-running races and not have stomach pain and cramping.   Another great feature of this hydration belt is that it comes with two 10 oz flasks that fit in molded holsters for quick access so you aren’t fumbling to remove and replace them after having a drink.  Having two 10 oz. flasks is ideal because you can have different options for fluid replacement if desired, which I often do, especially while racing.There is a Mpocket on the belt with ample room to store food and small essentials during a race.  I have found that at times the storage space available has not been quite enough, and food is not always easily accessible.  In instances where I planned on using the pack for longer races, I have combined the Nathon food storage piece at the front of the hydration belt and am good to go.  Perhaps including two small storage spaces on either side of the pack at the front, instead of one storage space at the  rear, would allow for  food to be more accessible.  Overall, the Nathon Speed 2 Hydration Belt is the perfect combination of comfort and usability, and is my number one choice for waist belts.

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  • I am looking for a nice hydration belt as I am facing problem in using the hydration bags as the bladder is quite difficult to clean. I really like the pink fuel belt. The design is very nice and is looking very comfy to wear too.

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