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5 Peaks – Rattlesnake Point

The third installation of the 2009 5 Peaks Trail Series was held on July 11th and it was wet and wild but beyond all of that it was fantastic.  Mother nature decided to hold back the race by 40 minutes while she put on a lightning and thunder show along with a heavy dose of water.  Once the ligthning cleared the rain dried up and we were set for a great race.

The Rattlesnake point race was a special race because it was the 10th year anniversary of 5 Peaks and it sold out an impressive 650 spots.  This race features the most technical race with some tough spots that require grit and determination.   The rain added a little extra spice to the race as a number of sections had become muddy and the limestone rocks became slippery with the rain. 

The course itself features a number of climbs that challenged even the most seasoned trail runner.  Personally, I found the course to be challenging and also rewarding as you climbed throughout the park and the escarpment.  There were trully amazing viewpoints along the course.

 The next race in the series is Albion Hills in early August.  Hope to see you there.


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