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Fox River Velocity Ankle <br>Men's Socks by Fox River Style 1257
I am very satisfied with my Fox River athletic sock purchases. I am an endurance-trained athlete who regularly trains for triathlon and half marathon events. Through my training, I have come to learn that socks can be uncomfortable, hot, moist, and cause blisters. I decided to purchase a better quality sock this year for my training. As a result, I chose Fox River athletic socks from Running Free. I have been very impressed with their high quality – moisture wicking material, product variety, comfort, and durability. Their CoolMax® polyester technology has enabled me to train and compete this summer in comfort. The ultra lightweight material and coolmax technology ensure that my feet stay cool and dry throughout my cycling and run workouts. As a result, I have minimized the number and severity of training-related blisters which are so common to endurance athletes.

I was also impressed with the Fox River product line because they offer a variety of colours and styles for different athletic and leisure activities (i.e., walking, running, hiking, and cross-training).  Their running-specific athletic socks have a unique threading and cushioning beneath your feet to absorb shock and provide comfort while remaining lightweight and cool.  There is also a built-in Arch brace that holds the sock in place and provides additional support.  Most importantly, the Fox River sock durability has exceeded my expectations. I’ve owned and wore these socks during my training runs for hundreds of miles and the threading remains strong. I have also machine washed my socks several times and they still do not look like they have been used – no thinning of threading, no colour fading, and no stretching. They show no sign of breaking down. As a result, I highly recommend this product to endurance athletes looking to get high quality, comfortable socks, and good value for your money.

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