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Salomon Momentum Warm Jacket

momentum-jacket.jpgI have been in the market for a new running jacket for a while or more accurately I am always looking for new gear in which to train and race. I picked up a Salomon Momentum Warm Jacket in June thinking that I really wouldn’t get the opportunity to use it until the weather cooled down. Unfortunately that was not the case this summer and I was able to use it quite a bit so far.

There is a lot to like about this jacket. It is a good looking jacket that performs really well.
This is a jacket that is designed for movement. You can easily run, cycle or XC ski or in this jacket. It has ClimaWind poly ripstop in the front and arms to block wind, and a breathable ClimaWind stretch panel along the back. Salomon says that it is designed to ensure proper placement of fabrics which enhances protection, breathability, insulation, stretch and moisture-wicking action. I would say that this is all true. It also has internal cuffs on the sleeves which keep out the elements. I think that this is one of my favorite features of this jacket. Having used this jacket in the cold and in the rain this feature was the most impactful. The cuffs allow the sleeves to seal nicely with your gloves and eliminate any exposed skin.

The jacket has 3 pockets, 2 zippered hand pockets and zippered pocket on the back. All pockets are a good size. Another nice feature is that the jacket has a drawstring that runs along the bottom of the jacket which is accessed through pockets. It also is a little longer on the back which is nice for both running and cycling. A unique feature on this jacket is the magnetic closure just below the neck which allows you to unzip the jacket to let in some fresh air and by flipping this from one side to the other will keep the jacket from flapping around. It also features a fair amount of reflective material which makes it a good choice for use in dark and low light.

I have used the jacket on more rides than runs so far but it has performed well in both. The breathability has been excellent. I used the jacket recently on a ride that when we started was 3 degrees and when we finished 14. I found that towards the end I was getting warm but not hot and the majority of the heat I generated was moved out the back of the jacket. I remained very comfortable and unlike other jackets I have used it did not retain sweat but wicked it away. The magnetic flap worked well in allowing me to let some air in without the jacket flapping around or acting like a parachute.

This is a jacket that with proper layering can be used in both cool and cold temperatures. Overall it is a great jacket and one I am happy that I selected. If you give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

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