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Longboat support/spectator style

Sunday Sep.20th,Toronto IslandmRaces

I have made it a right of summer passage for the last 4 years or so to run either the 5k or 10k on the island inSeptember,but with my choice to do the Goodlife Toronto Marathon as opposed to the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon racing either did not fit into my training schedule.Enter faithful support crew,massager/dietician wife Louise who was looking for a return to racing 11 months after the birth of our daughter Zoe.

Alrighty then,my turn to be support crew etc. and look after Zoe and our other 2 daughters before our post-race assault on Centreville.

The flat 5k course suited Louise well,flat and somewhat scenic starting near the Island school and heading east and looping back along the boardwalk.The 10k uses this loop as the 2nd half of it’s course.Having been pushing a jogging stroller for the past5 months or so we anticipated a fast time for Louise now that she was unburdened,so to speak.

Alas,the rookie mistake of trying something new on race morning,in this case GU Chomps proved to be disastrous as stomach cramps  hit her shortly after 1k and her dreams of a triumphant return to the race scene were dashed.

Nonetheless,a most excellent venue,fantastic native drum entertainment,a free bbq lunch and the spirit of the great Tom Longboat provided us with a great day out.Though the older daughters would probably say that the rollercoaster in Centreville made the day!


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