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5 Peaks – Horseshoe Valley

The final race of the 5 Peaks Trail Series was held on Saturday, September 12th at Horeshoe Valley Resort just outside of Barrie.  Being the final race of the series, it definately didn’t disappoint.   To be honest, this was far by the hardest trail race of the series.  It featured pretty much everything that you could imagine.  From insane climbs to mind blowing quick steep descents.  I couldn’t decide which element was my favourite.  Was it the river crossing with nice smooth round rocks to jump onto as you cross the river?  Or was it the steep hill that you enjoyed at the start of the race going down just to kill yourself going back up at the very end of this gruelling race?  Yup, it’s the hill at the start/finish of the race.

I can gladly say that I have run all five of the 5 Peaks races this season and each one is great in it’s own way.  I highly recommend everyone to get out for a 5 Peaks race next season.  It is well worth the money and the community of runners at 5 Peaks races are awesome.

 Enjoy the offseason and hopefully, I will see you at the first race of the 2010 5 Peaks racing season.


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