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 A couple of people have asked me how to make Iskiate. This has been mentioned in Born to Run.Chia seeds can be found at the health food store. But phone around to make sure the do get it.The sugar most of us have at home and the Limes one can get anywhere.8 oz water2 teaspoons sugar2 teaspoons Chia seeds1 LimeCut lime into quarters, you will need only one quarter. Squeeze the lime into the water and add the sugar.  Then add the Chia seeds .Refrigerate till use.Best way to store and carry is in a water bottle.Now this is just a guideline to making it. You can adjust it to individual taste.

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  • For the best iskaite I have been able to find check out Wingfoot at I like it because the seeds are ground into a powder so the consistency is better and you don’t get seeds stuck in your teeth. It comes in little packets that you can pour into your water bottle. I add a couple of packets to a cup of green coconut juice for a thicker pudding like gel.

  • has it down. I bring it with me in packages and have it ready wherever I am. It is way better than Starbucks!

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