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Running for Two – Second Month – Hello Humility!

With the good news confirmed by the doctor of our first baby on the way, I had a lot of images in mind of the kind of pregnancy I wanted to have.  


Up until this point I had been logging around 15km for my long run and figured I would do some version of that for the remainder of the pregnancy.  I’ve always been fit – why would that stop now?


Then something stuck faster than a stitch in your side – Morning Sickness.


Almost overnight I was reduced to hovering my head over the great porcelain bowl. When I wasn’t being sick. I was thinking about how I needed to be sick. It was like being on a bad cruise ship that you couldn’t get off.  How do people DO this?


Staying awake for 12 hours became a challenge – nevermind exercising.  Thank God for our needy dogs – they at least forced me out of the house most days for a walk in the woods.  (with multiple stops for dry heaving)


Over that second month I got a good dose of humble pie.  My visions of my easy breezy  super fit pregnancy went swirling down the toilet bowl.  Who can run when you’re only living on soda crackers and Ensure?


I said good-bye to Syd and wished him and Ryan good luck at the Worlds 70.3 in Clearwater.  Trying to reign in my wish that science would allow boys to have this experience by now!  How does he get to go off and be a champ and I’m stuck here getting winded by a flight of stairs??


After a few weeks of sleeping 14 odd hours a day and begging for sleep the remaining 10. I went to the doctor. It ends up that there is a common prescription called Diclectin – made mostly of Vitamin B6 and a mild, gravol-like sedative. 


Almost overnight the morning sickness became manageable.  I was able to have full meals and my energy started coming back.  By weeks end I went out for a gentle 4km with the dogs and have been building steadily from there.


Pregnancy is definitely teaching me that I’m on a different schedule now.  I have to learn to listen to my body at all times – but also remember that exercise is one of the kindest things I can do to respect my body and our baby.


So as I squeeze into my old running pants now my goals are much different.  For now it’s more of a ‘use it or you’ll lose it goal’.  I’m not breaking any land speed records out there – but it won’t stop me from waddling along!

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