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The Magic of Tape

Thanks to a friend I have discovered a new love: Kinesio tape!


Back in the spring when I was building up the mileage for around the Bay my IT Band was proving to be problematic. 


My mountain bike buddy (and new running partner) has a kinesiology degree and convinced me to let her try taping me for our next long run.  I had been using the neoprene IT bands for years and couldn’t imagine it would be any different.


The next week came and she came armed with her stretchy kinesio tape. She taped out what looked like the McDonalds golden arches on the outer side of my knee. Ne hump reaching toward my hip and the other towards my ankle.   She then took another piece of tape and ran a straight line from my knee right up to my hip, tracing my IT.


I didn’t want to seem rude but I had no confidence that this was going to hold things together for me.  We were going out for a 27km loop and my knees had already proved problematic.  I discretely stuffed my regular IT bands into my back pocket so I wouldn’t be left stranded with nothing.


Off we went and I couldn’t believe the comfort I had!  Normally around 21km my knees would get the better of me and I’d be forced into a run walk to manage the sharp knee pain.  It never happened!  I was in shock and awe.  I was able to keep pace with my running buddy for the last miles.  Something I’d never been able to do before.


I was completely won over to taping and have used it for my long runs ever since.  Mind you the pain in my muscles was in a whole new category as I was able to push for those last 6km when I normally would have had to back off!


I would suggest taping to anyone I know now.  Of course get a professional to show you what to do at first, and then just see where that springy tape can take you!

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