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Markham Stouffville Legacy 5km run

Legacy 5km runI think this is a great run for those who are not too serious, but want a bit of a fun run!  The course is almost perfectly flat, so no worry for those who fear hills!    The distance isn’t too long, although I know for those of us that want to go fast, the 5km race is an unforgiving one.  This year’s race 2009 race on 26 April at Markham Stouffville Hospital was certainly not forgiving.  I’m not one that enjoys running in cold and wet, both of those were present this year. 

By the time the race started it was a fairly heavy downpour, and I knew that the chill in the air would make my lungs burn at the speed I was hoping to go to achieve the time I was wanting (under 19 minutes).   I didn’t really bring the gear I needed to race in for the conditions, but I was luckily able to loan a Running Free Vest from one of my fellow teammates (thanks Syd!).

Despite a decent warm up, when the gun went off, I felt like my joints and muscles just didn’t want to warm up and weren’t co-operating.  I was then thinking about the amount of training I had done in the past couple of months, which was mainly on the stationary bike trainer.  Maybe this race would have been easier had I done a few more miles of running? Well, too late for that now! I forced myself on!! 

In the first KM, I recall a number of REALLY young looking runners.  One girl in particular, looked about 10 years old.  She was still with me at 2 KM, which I thought amazing, but slowly some of the younger ones dropped off (as well as some of the more mature athletes,…myself included .  I was wanting to hold on with some of my RF team members (Syd Trefiak, Derek Virgo, and Mike Bosch were there within view).  By the 3 KM mark, my lungs really were burning, but I knew there wasn’t much left to go.  I tried to pick the pace up, but the legs just didn’t want to go!  The scenery is fairly pleasant for this race, which goes through the neighborhod just north of teh Hospital.  Good for spectators and runners, since it’s all closed off.  I appreciated all of the cheers from everyone as I went along.  I think that actually kept me moving!  I recall seeing Roger Hospidales, and Jeremy Robertson ( the man behind team RF himself!).

I came through the finish line at 19:18, and was quite happy with that result. 

For those that want to go a bit slower, you won’t notice a burn as I mentioned, and can just enjoy the race.

Maybe give it a try for 2010?  Hopefully there will be some nicer warmer weather for us!

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