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Salomon Momentum Warm Tight

salomon_momentumwarmtight_wmns_black.jpgI’ve worn winter warm tights before, but never a pair made by Salomon. To me, Salomon was a footwear and gear company – not a company I turned to for clothing. I was recently given the opportunity to test a pair of Salomon Momentum Warm Tights and I absolutely LOVED them. It wasn’t too cold out as I set out for my run, about -3 and maybe -8 with the wind chill. Unlike other winter tights that feel a bit awkward due to the wind protection panels, the Momentum tight fit more like a comfortable pair of leggings. They were close fitting and tight, as most tights are, but not tight enough that you felt that you had to struggle to get them on and off. They moved with me and had a bit of extra room so that they weren’t grabbing my legs. Another nice feature was that they FIT! Although I’m short, I find that most tights stop just above the ankle. I often have a little exposed skin where my sock stops and my tights begin. The Momentum tight, however, fit perfectly, covering the top of my sock leaving no skin exposed. Even though it wasn’t TOO cold out, and I could have been in a slightly lighter tight, the extra warmth did not result in overheating causing moisture (sweat), which in turn freezes. The fabric stayed warm and dry. This is a result of the actiTHERM fabric which provides superior moveability and breathability. The small upper pocket is perfect for stowing a gel and your house key. I also liked that they are reflective so that when running at night you can be seen by cars and bikes. The ankle zippers are also unique in that they don’t open up to reveal bare skin, but instead have a fabric insert that allows ventilation without letting in the cold. Overall, these were an excellent tight and are now my new favorites for winter running.

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