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Chamois Butt’r Product Review

This product has saved me a great deal of pain and suffering.  I am a heavy sweater and this causes a lot of parts on my body to become rather damp.  This dampening leads to potential of increased friction, and this friction leads to rashes, sores, and general all around horrible chaffing.  I have been chaffed fairly seriously at times, to the point of wanting to stop racing from the discomfort.  In sports such as Adventure Racing not only do I sweat, but there is a tendency for race directors to send racers through locations that can lead to one becoming soaked through from head to foot.  Once again the proliferation of moisture does not bode well for staying rash, blister, and chaff free.

Sometime into this millennium, I decided that I had had enough and that I was going to find a solution to my chaffing problem.  The chaffing was becoming the only injury or suffering that was routinely showing up in my Adventure Racing career.  I did and little research, and talked to the ever helpful Jeremy of Running Free and I bought my first tube of Chamois Butt’r or as I have termed it “Butt Butter”.   I first balked at the price as I was still a student and not taking in a great deal of extra income to support my adventure racing habit.  As it turns out it was one of the best buys I have ever made for adventure racing.  In retrospect, it seems odd that I would drop a couple hundred dollars on a paddle, but I had a hard time justifying $25 for some lube that would solve so many problems.

I at first was rather sparing with how much I spread the Chomois Butt’r, but I quickly found out that more was better.  My groin area, my bum area, and for some reason my nipples have always plagued me with their tendency to become chaffed.  For me, Chamois Butt’r has effectively stopped any chaffing that occurs in those three regions.   It is a wonderful product.  I do find that I have to reapply as often as I can to ensure maximum protection, but those odd moments of reapplication in transition areas in front of others in slightly awkward places is well worth it.

I would recommend this product to anyone who has had to suffer the agony of chaffing for no reason.  This product has helped me.

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