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eLoad Strawberry Flavoured Sports Drink

I think I finally found the perfect sports drink for my workouts – Strawberry Flavoured eLoad Heat Endurance Formula.

Don’t be put off with the price – you only need 1 tiny scoop per 500mL of water.  That’s 50% less than using Gatorade.  The powder dissolves easily, tastes good without being too sugary, and delivers the electrolydes you need during workouts.

I’ve tried many types of sports drink and I’m sure I’ll be staying with this one for a very long time.  If you’re sick of always running out of powder or shaking your water bottle until your arm falls off – try this.  I promise that you won’t regret it.  It also comes in the original Lemon flavour and Blueberry, but I haven’t tried those so I can’t comment on them.

Happy Hydration!

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