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14th Annual Chilly

This was my first attempt at racing a 1/2 marathon. My goal was really no goal – I just wanted to run a hard race and see how I felt. (Getting as far into the race as possible – without having my inner “negative nancy” yapping in my ear).  – sorry for any Nancy’s who are reading this report.

 By the first km it was evident that there were  going to be two groups – the first  gang was about 4-5 a few stragglers then our group of 5-8. 

Our group went through the first km in 3:35 felt real easy. Missed the 2km split but hit 3km in 10:59 – so went 7:24 for that 2km so averaged 3:42.   

We split 5k in 18:21 (on pace to take down my unwritten goal of sub 1:17:30) and it felt really easy – no effort at all getting there.

Our Group was now down to 6 (with me setting the tempo).  Matt Reid – a local tri-athlete was in our group – everyone knew him and were cheering him on – it felt at times I was runnig with a rock star!


8km 29:28 – still felt really good – I wanted to start upping the tempo – just to break up the group – but came to my senses and realized that running in a group was easier than running 10-15 seconds ahead of them. So I sat and waited…. 

10km 36:40 – I started to listen to my body, it still was not protesting in any way shape or form (I started to think – hey this isn’t so bad after all! Just tempo running at its finest so far. I was still in the lead of our pack maintaining the pace. 

We went through the 12.6 turn around in 46:18. We got back on Lakeshore and into a head wind everyone quickly tucked in behind me. This lasted for about ½ mile until I decided it was someone else’s turn to share the workload, so I went to the back of our 5 man group and tucked in. Nothing really changed until we approached the 9 mile mark – I felt really good still – and was bored of being at the back of the pack – I decided it was my turn to “man up” for a while. Plus we slipped to running a 3:47 for the km. 

I charged to the lead, increased the tempo and went through 10 miles in 58:53 – back on pace – by this time our 5 man pack was broken up and I was running with one other gentleman (I found out after the race it was Andrew Imrie).   I guess Andrew felt I was also slowing him down because he decided to put on a surge that I was unable to match, which left me on my own for the last 3 miles. (Or so I thought). I got to the 11 mile marker – slowed down to grab some water – one final “pick me up” and I was poised to finish with what I got. 

My next split was 3:53 – don’t know where that came from – felt tired – but I didn’t think I slowed down  that much.I suddenly felt two guys closing in on me like it was the end of the race! ( Jim Burrows & Rod Henning) 45-49 age group. I have never been past with such authority in my life – especially 11 miles into a race!  I was unable to match Jim’s tempo, I did however attempt with no avail to tuck in with Rod – but not a chance either – now panic bells started to go off – how fast am I fading?  

Well I ran a 3:51 for that km – now I found myself in survival mode – just over ½ mile to go – and I’m bonking fast. 

The crowds got larger – saw My family (wife and kids) on the sidelines cheering me on with words of wisdom and encouragement – as only a 5 & 8 year old are able to do! – so I listed – All I kept saying to myself was the faster I ran the sooner I could stop.  

I ran about a 5:42 per mile pace for the last ½ mile. Was tired and satisfied that I ran through the hurt and survived! 

I know I got it in me to go a lot faster than that but was happy for it being the first time – A new P.B. for both the ½ marathon and also a 10 miler! 

1:18:09 ½ & 58:53 through 10 miles. 

A great Day – And I know I will survive Around the Bay!

Just wanted to say a big thanks to the race organizers and volunteers who had fantastic spirit and encouraging words during the race!

I also saw someone wearing thier Running Free shirt proudly before the race, however due to the amount of people that stood between us I was unable to get close enogh to introduce myself!  

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  • Greg,

    Awesome running and result! Best of luck this season.

    PS – I know the feeling of being passed with authority…2009 – Terra Cotta…a gentleman named Greg McNab hammers past me on the killer climb. I had no answer. HAHA

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