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Snowflake 10km – Running for Two – 3 months

We started a new tradition this year. 


Bundled in every running layer possible, we set out for the Ajax Snowflake 10km this weekend.  The crew was as varied as they come. From Ironman finishers to one girl who had never run more than 5km before.  But the goal was simple.   Go get some fresh air and exercise and then get together for an incredible potluck!


The newbie hung back with me the preggo and we cruised along at an easy shuffle.  I’ve got to say it was a hard thing to let people go by who you think in your mind shouldn’t be passing you, but I kept my doctors words in my mind:  Never work so hard that you can’t easily keep a conversation going.  Don’t Push! 


So instead of sucking back my lungs with every step I started talking.  My friend and I had a great catch up session as I hadn’t seen her in weeks.  Before we knew it – we were done.


Racing with no time goal in mind was definitely a different exercise for me.  It was a lot of fun to just head out for a shuffle and get some exercise.  But a little piece of me was frustrated by the fact I couldn’t push myself physically when I wanted to.


Instead, I had to remind myself that being pregnant I have to race by a different set of rules regardless of who is passing me!  After a long slow 10km our whole gaggle headed back to our friends for a potluck. 


It was a great day full of close friends having fun.  Although no land speed records were broken, a new resolution came out of the day.  We’d do the same thing for the Chilly Half In March.


Slow, and steady, and lots of fun with friends.

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