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Gord Pauls Triple Ironman Canada

Bike Close-UpIn just 2 weeks, our good friend Gord Pauls will be attempting a triple ironman in Penticton, BC. Gord is the co-owner of Runners Den in Hamilton, ON and is a friend who has a passion for making a difference. A triple ironman is an enormous personal accomplishment, but Gord isn’t doing it for himself. He and his wife Esther have been helping the people of Haiti for years. They have helped to bring the Hamilton community together, funding dozens of Running with Bikeprojects in Haiti. Recently, Gord experienced the power of a new weapon against abject poverty. That weapon is Microcredit financing. These programs provide individuals access to financing and business management training, empowering them, their families and their communities. The funds invested in the program are used over and over again. As loans are paid back, new loans are issued. The success of this kind of sustainable economic development in other countries has inspired Gord to complete the triple ironman and raise $250,000.00, which will be directed to a microcredit financing project in Haiti. We can all help Gord along the way while making an enormous difference for the people of Haiti. Check out Gord’s web site and read about his attempt and please consider helping Gord with a donation. Donate Here


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