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Black and Decker Trails- Brockville

  Directions: Exit the 401 at Stewart Rd- exit # 469. Head south and turn right at the first set of lights- Central Ave. Head down Central till you hit the end and park.

Amenities: The nearest bike shop is Cranks Bicycle Shoppe 122 King St West in case you need tubes or anything else. Be aware though that you get dinged for parking in that area.  There is a DQ right at Central and Stewart for the hot day post ride ice cream cool off.  There is some other options north of the 401 on Parkdale, Tim Horton’s is obvious as it is near the highway. However further east on Parkdale near Augusta Rd there is a Starbucks and a few other food options.


One has to keep in mind the area sees some Quad and Dirt Bike activity so you will see lots of track on the double track sections. The trails are not at all marked so you will have to keep your eyes out for route options. The good news is you can’t really get lost as the North side of the riding area is the 401 and the south end is the CN tracks. Nice thing about the location is it’s great for a mid drive to say Ottawa or back to take a breather. Go for a ride or a run as even though it’s primarily for mountain biking you can run the trails as well.. Keep in mind that this is being written from a riders view.

Some of the trails are pretty challenging, one of the benefits of the Canadian Shield. Lots and lots of rock.  Which has created some pretty good sections of up and down riding.  Plus lots of good tough little climbs where you have to get over some little ups to keep climbing. And you need to have your brakes in good working order to keep your speed under control as you navigate the rock sections. The trails are a kind of looping zig zag as the branch of what used to be an old rail line which has had the rails and ties removed.

Unfortunately  I haven’t had time to explore the rest of the system.  There are more trails north of the 401 on Lyn Rd. Once you go under the 401 you will turn left a little past Larry’s Auto works. You will be on a old rail way bed and the trails are on the left. Personally I haven’t been that far yet, a combination of timing and having to much fun on the other sections. Especially when you can ride ladder bridges and really technical rock sections, something I really like doing. This is something that you don’t see much of in Ontario which is ladder bridges and skinnies. One warning though, you will come across a teeter totter stunt near Lyn Rd on the south side trails. It’s showing it’s age and is a little rickety so if you use it be wary.

Both times I have been there it was a fun area to ride. You can ride it either on flat pedals or clipless. I found I preferred flat pedals however that has more to do with liking the stunts and the ability to bail from the bike easily. It should be noted that some of the rock will be slick with moisture, it seems like Limestone gives no traction while wet.

Post ride the Dairy Queen is perfectly located for post ride cooling off and refueling.

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