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If you’ve done a triathlon before, you have probably considered finding a triathlon coach….Whether this desire for a coach comes from the necessity for time management (best bang for your buck – getting in the proper workouts to make the greatest improvements in your overall time), structure (knowing when to do a particular workout), or strengthening your weakest discipline (like swimming), having a coach can be as important as running out to buy the latest and greatest triathlon training gear.While I have an exercise physiology background from my university days in the Faculty of Physical Education and Health (UT 07, 09), I still have the desire for a coach. This is despite the fact that I know the types of workouts I should be doing, when I should be doing them, the benefits of both interval training and recovery. You may ask, why? For me, it’s a combination of the three reasons. With a busy schedule, I like being able to have a plan – it provides structure and helps me organize my time. It also helps me to work on my weakness – cycling. I would rather work on my strengths and hammer out another run or swim workout, then hoping on the bike. Yet, my coach regularly schedules these workouts. In fact, I have done bike workouts more frequently since having my coach, and right now is my “off-season”.  My coach also teaches me discipline. I would love to go out today and do a 2h run – simply because I enjoy running; However, my plan says otherwise. When combined, I truly believe I will avoid “burn-out” in the upcoming season because of my coach. And for me, thats worth it.Finally, If you are looking for coach, there are a ton of coaches out there. It doesn’t mean that each coach is a perfect match for your needs. You should consider (a) what is that you are looking for in a coach, (b) coach mentality and principles, (c) your budget, and (d) their personality.  I would argue that these are all equally important considerations. I have found coaching principles to be particularly important given my desire and drive for evidence-based training principles. It is interesting to see how much some coaches emphasize the science relative to others. This is something to watch out for.My new coach will bring some major changes to my workouts for 2011 as I train for IM Florida. Looking forward to the year ahead 🙂

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