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Strength Training for the Busy Triathlete

Having a new baby kicking around the house has forced me into a new found need for efficiency in my workouts.  Since the off season is upon me, time to apply that theory to my strength workouts!!!

 When planning this circuit, I knew that I only had about 30 minutes to fit it in.  I identified key workouts that I know will give me the most bang for my buck.  In other words, activities that are going to make me a faster/stronger triathlete.  This workout WILL NOT give you bigger biceps, it will not give you bulging muscles.  It will make you a stronger and less injury prone triathlete.

 So, here is my “I got no time!” triathlon strength training circuit.

What you will need for this workout.  Lat pull down machine, hamstring curl machine, Stretch cords, tricep pull down machine, stairs, 10pd weights (2)

 Warm-up (5-10min. easy jog)

The following is a circuit.  You do each activity once (whatever the number of reps) and then move on to the next.  If you work hard, you can make your way through this circuit 3 times in 30 min.  Take 2min. rest in between circuits  but none between activities in the circuit.

Runner’s curls: Using the 10pd weights mimick an exagerated arm movment you would use running.  (50 reps)

Crunches: Plain ol’ crunches  (30 reps)

tricep pull downs (15 reps)

Calf Raises: on stairs.  Make sure to extend below horizontal and extend fully on the way up. (20 reps)

Swimmers Lat pulls:  Using the stretch cord around a poll or other imovable object.  Bend over at the waist with your arms straight out ahead like the beginning position of the pull for your freestyle swim stroke.  Pull through the front part of your stroke (both arms at the same time).  The tension on the cord should be about as hard as you can pull as you hit your thighs.  (15 – 20 pulls)

Backstrokers kick:  On the floor lay on your back.  Raise your legs off of the ground.  Do a flutter kick motion with your arms secure on your chest.   (45 seconds)

Swimmers Tricep Pulls: Using the stretch cord around a poll or other imovable object.  Bend over at the waist with your arms bent at 90 degrees at the waist.  This exercise mimics the second part of your swim pull.  It is basically is a tri extension with the cords.  Be sure to extend fully through the extension.  (15 pulls)

Single leg squats:  With one leg extended behind you on a raised object (chair/bench)  Put your other leg out in front of you.  Do squats with this one leg.  Make sure to keep your center of gravity over your knee.  Also don’t let your knee extend over your toes during the squats.  (10-12)

Lat pull downs:  Using the lat pull down machine.  Palms facing away, grab the bar at shoulder width.  Pull down to just below your chin.  Make sure to maintain proper technique (keep chin level).  (10 reps)

Hammstring curls: Using the hamstring curls machine do curls making sure you go through the entire range of movement.  If you can’t pull up to your butt fully, use a lower weight that you can pull up. (10 reps)

That’s it!!

Try to make your way through 3 times.  The key to getting the most out of this is to only rest between sets, not in between activities.

Make sure you do a cool down as well.  An easy jog or spin is the best.

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