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Road Warrior Champion Decided – Whitby 6k

Top Road WarriorsRace: 6th Annual Santa is Back in Town

Where: Whitby Yacht Club

Date; Sunday Dec 12

Product: Zanagen Ignite & Xccelerate

A day only suited to the hardiest of Road Warriors! Wind, rain, 2C, ankle deep puddles and slick muddy paths. Nasty stuff and the times suffered accordingly. But what better conditions could there be to decide the top Road Warrior? The top four were in attendance including Rosemary Stochel, Daniel MacKinnon, Liz Spellen and Henry Gabriels (pictured).

I had hoped the big snow this morning up in Lindsay would have kept my competitors at home. No such luck. They warmly greeted me inside the Whitby Yacht Club, which is a wonderful place to be inside, with such rotten conditions outside.

Mike Bosch was kind to lend me his Zanagen Ignite topical product. I was a little stiff from the 5k race yesterday and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time outside on a warmup run. The Ignite did the job perfectly. My legs warmed, the muscles unstiffened. I ran in shorts and never felt the cold, even standing around outside for five minutes after I finished.

My energy was another story. From 1k on I knew I was beat and it didn’t matter that I would finish the race in first. I wanted (needed) 3:30 k’s but was getting 3:35’s and much slower. After so many races and this nasty cold I have been fighting, there just wasn’t any juice. I gave what I had right to the finish, but I do wish I could have found another 30 seconds! On fresher legs, that would have been no problem.

After waiting outside to see Rosemary come in, and if I had a chance of catching her, I returned to the yacht club. As soon as I hit the warm air, my legs went on fire! It seems the combination of heat and the rain really gets the Ignite effect working. Fortunately, Mike also lent me his Zanagen Xccelerate post-race recovery product. I applied it and it did a good job of returning my legs to comfort.

I left the race thinking there might still be a chance for me, because based on our 5k ratings, I was well ahead of Rosemary. But now that I am home with a calculator at hand, it is now apparent that Rosemary will likely get 18 points on this race to my 17 points. I needed to be four points better just to catch up, and 30 seconds off my time would have done it.

The results won’t be in for a few days, but it is impossible for me to catch Rosemary – she will be the 2010 Road Warrior champ! She has been a worthy and deserving competitor. I will gladly accept second place, which I will quickly rename 2010 Top Male Road Warrior!


Born and raised in Hamilton & Stoney Creek. Ran X-Country in high school, but not really special at it - a middle of the pack finisher. But then again, really didn't know how to train. Didn't run after Gr 12 due to nasty shin splints. Really never ran in proper shoes back then. Didn't try to run again until age 30. Then tried. And tried. And tried. Shin splints every time. Finally got it going for good at 38 in proper shoes and I have vowed never, ever, to stop running again.

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