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Road Warrior – 2nd Last Race for 2010

Race: Santa Jingle 5k 2010

Where: Burlington

When: Saturday December 11, 2010 

The Skinny on RoadWarrior: Prior to today’s race, Rosemary Stochel leads with 317 points. Daniel MacKinnon, from Team Running Free Ajax, is a close second with 313 points. 

To sum it up, after today’s race in Burlington Rosemary holds the advantage going into tomorrow’s show down at Whitby. That is if the race happens with the snow storm on its way!

I finished today a meagre 10 seconds better than my rating (18:02), knowing full well that something close to 17:00 would be necessary. I picked a poor time to catch a cold when really what I wanted to catch was a new PB.

I finished 6th overall so I waited in the finish area hoping for the late arrival of Rosemary. This did not happen. She came in close to a full minute ahead of her rating. Kudo’s to her! Rosemary crossed the line completely spent. An effort definitely worthy of the title, should she win it. If only I could find the culjones to race like that!

We both claimed top master’s prize.

It was a big field, with over 2600 Santa’s (all wearing full costumes) completing the race. With so many RW’s likely in attendance, there is a chance Rosemary and I both only got 2 points…..but we won’t know until the results are tallied some time next week. No matter how this unfolds, it has been fun.  I will finish the year having completed 24 races. Time for a rest!

If you have not joined Roadwarriors, you should. Not everyone can podium. But everyone can improve against their own time, and before you know it, you might find yourself at the top of the heap, courtesy of RoadWarrior and the great support from Running Free. Changes to the point system are being considered. I know next year it will be even better, so sign up now!


Born and raised in Hamilton & Stoney Creek. Ran X-Country in high school, but not really special at it - a middle of the pack finisher. But then again, really didn't know how to train. Didn't run after Gr 12 due to nasty shin splints. Really never ran in proper shoes back then. Didn't try to run again until age 30. Then tried. And tried. And tried. Shin splints every time. Finally got it going for good at 38 in proper shoes and I have vowed never, ever, to stop running again.

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One comment

  • Daniel
    Great job. I have been following your battle with Rosemary. You mounted a late charge, since Whitby, here at the finish. Good luck to both of you.
    (I moved into 10th after Whitby, should have locked up 9th after the Santa Run Yesterday, with an outside, but unlikely chance at 8th today after the EggNogJog).

    I second Daniel’s comments to sign up for Roadwarriors

    Looking forward to the final results later this week.
    Congrats again Daniel on a great finish to the season.

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