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I would like to tell you about my experience the past few years with Amino Vital Endurance and Pro products.  It all started back in early 2009 after I committed to doing my first half and full Ironman in a year, and within 2 months of each other as well.  I knew I would need to change or at least add to my nutrition before, during and after training for Ironman.  I come from a Marathon background so I had a pretty good base of nutrition and hydration from that event.  But I knew Ironman was a new ball game when it comes to nutrition and staying hydrated.  So I tried a few different amino acid/bcaa products (which I won’t mention here) during training but nothing was working really well or I didn’t feel any different or better taking them.  Until I tried Amino Vital Endurance, it was exactly what I was looking for, all natural flavor, colorless, great tasting and mixed well and very easily with water or gatorade.  After using it for many months of training and a few smaller races, I felt I always had something left at the end of the races while taking it.  I couldn’t totally explain it, as it wasn’t like taking a RedBull and getting that almost instant rush, it was a more consistent longer lasting energy that helped me push harder and longer during training and races.  I also started using it after training as part of my recovery as well.  Now onto the half and full Ironman races.  I would take a bottle of amino vital endurance to drink before the race to get me topped off before I start the swim.  The on the bike I have 3 water bottle cages and would fill 2 bottles with one scoop of amino vital endurance and one scoop of gatorade and one bottle with water, to wash it all down.  Then on the run I left one bottle of amino in my last transition bag to use.  This was my one of the keys to performing so well at these events having never even attempted a triathlon before.   I now use Amino Vital Pro for when I am weight training as it has a higher level of amino acids and lower calories and sodium.  I also continue to use Endurance in my marathons I run each year, I would never do a race without Amino Vital in my water bottle.  With all the different flavors you can always mix it up.  I personally like the fruit punch in Endurance and grape in Pro.  Happy training and remember nutrition is key to performing well in any race.  Blessings!

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