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Duffin Pizza Ride

In the continuing mission to ride new places and explore. Hooked up with my buddy Nick to attend his Duffins Creek Pizza Ride on the last weekend of October. So again on a over cast day headed out to the meeting loction. Both bike and pizza fixings in tow. At least this drive was short with Pickering nearby.

We gathered at Nick’s place and like any group ride it took the usual extra time to get ready. Add the usual attempt to figure out what gear to wear. Nothing like a fall day to make gear selection fun. Part of the problem being it was forecasted to rain. Plus waiting for Ilan and Wayne to get there as they where a little late due to the GO Train being delayed.  After they finally got there and everyone was sorted out it was time to ride.

Nick led us down a couple of streets then into his local trails. Which like the Dundas ride I still have no clue where we went though it was less of a race pace then this ride.. Lot’s of rocky hill climbs and some fun descents. Though sadly I had to walk some of the descents as my front brake decided to take a vacation- no power at all. But after a bit of tinkering was able to ride some DH. Though did figure out that hydaulic brake seals in the cold tend to leak.

At one point while moving at speed watched Wayne do the front wheel mud slide to ricochet into the brush. Proving again, that easier sections lead to lack of trail focus which leads to crashes. I say that as it occured while riding 4×4 track towards more singletrack. But then as they say, you aren’t going fast enough if you don’t bail at least once.

During the ride back to Nick’s place he showed us his little downhill run he built. Nothing big just a simple little line. Some of the best times can be had on the simplest of lines.  The we continued back to Nick’s place. Which after 20 minutes of riding we returned to his place. After 3 hours of in the woods riding it started raining.

Then it was time to crank up the oven, crack open a beer, and make pizza. And for the record Nick makes a good pizza dough as well as a spicy mexican pizza.

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