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2010 in Review

Here’s my wrap up and review of 2010

This was my first year being a Team RunningFree athlete.

I went into the year with two goals stated in my profile. To run my first ultra and to BQ.

I started the year off with a 5k Resolution Run on Jan 1st.

I followed that up with the Chilly Half and Around the Bay in March.

On April 17th I ran my first ultra, The Seaton Trail 50k.

A week later I ran the 1st 5 Peaks race, a 12.3k Trail Race and followed that up with the St John’s Waterloo Marathon the next day.

6 days later I ran my 2nd ultra, The Pick Your Poison 50k.

15 days later I ran the Mississauga Marathon, a week after that the Whitby Marathon and 6 days later ultra #3, the Sulphur Springs 50k.

June was an easy month, where I ran the 2nd 5 Peaks race, another 12.3k Trail Race on the 12th.

July started out strong with the Creemore Vertical Challenge 50k on the 3rd.

Followed a week later by the 3rd 5 Peaks, a 12.7k Trail Race.

A week after that I did ultra #5, the Limberlost Challenge 56k, followed by marathon #4, the Massey Marathon the next day, where I helped pace a friend to her BQ.

A couple of weeks downtime to the next 5 Peaks, an 11.6k Trail Race on Aug 7th.

Followed 8 days later by the Waterloo Endur Run Marathon and 6 days later 47k over four legs of the 240k Simcoe Shores Relay.

September was another quiet month with just the Scotiabank Marathon on the 26th.

However, October was busy, starting with the Run for the Toad 50k on the 3rd, with the 5th and final 5 Peaks, a 13.3k Trail Race a week later. I followed that with the Vulture Bait 50k a week after that and the Toronto Marathon the next day. And finally ended the month with the Horror Hill 6Hr Trail Race, where I completed 55k, on the 30th.

November I ran the Hamilton Marathon on the 7th, with my fastest time of the year. Just missing my BQ time by 1:08.

I took the rest of November easy, with the exception of running the Whitby Waterfront 5k, followed by the 10k and then the 10 miler all on the 21st.

December, I ran the 5k Santa Jingle Run 5k on Dec 11th and the 10.8k EggNogJog on the 12th. And finally the Boxing Day 10 miler on the 26th.

In summary;

I made my goal of running my first Ultra and actually completed 8

I ran 8 marathons, but failed to BQ, missing by 1:08

I completed all 5 races in the 5 Peaks Trail Series. Ranging from 11.6 to 13.3k

A 30k, two 10 milers, a half, a 10.8k, a 10k and three 5ks, plus four legs (47k) in a 240k relay. Several of these races were close to personal bests.

A total of 31 races and 5100k in racing and training.

In addition, several of the races I took part in were Road Warrior Races, where I earned enough points to finish 8th overall in the series.

Overall not a bad year. Looking forward to continuing with Team RunningFree and what 2011 has to offer.

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  • Bravo! That is some real dedication to the sport. It must have been frustrating to have come so close to a BQ and not quite achieved it, but at least that leaves you with something to shoot for next year. Good luck!

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