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When I hate/love running

When Running Free Ajax opened, I began power walking and have progressed to running/jogging over the course of a year to improve the health of my aging body. Most recently, I have been having trouble getting motivated to keep up my running regime and have started to say “I hate running”. I’ve been ready to quit. I hope others can relate. However, with the support and guidance of many from the Running Free community, Garth, Shannon, Samantha and Carolina, I have kept at it.

This past Saturday, I ran farther than I have ever run before. I ran until I remembered that “I love running”. These poem were created for all runners who are considering quitting. Everyone has bad days and terrible runs. They happen. But focusing on the benefits that each run has for your health and fitness and enjoying your surroundings can help to shift the running experience. I hope reading this keeps you going.

When I hate running   When I love running

When I hate running

It is hard to get out of bed for a run.
When the alarm goes off early on a Saturday morning I search for excuses to stay in bed. Often hitting the alarm snooze button several times before I stumble out of bed. Or, if I am running in the evening, I can think of any excuse to keep me at work, so I miss the run time.When I hate running – I misplace all my gear.I can never find my things- my clothes are not clean, there is only one sock in my drawer or a water bottle is missing. Inevitably I will forget something which really puts a damper on the run.

When I hate running
I find every step an effort.

My body hurt. Aches and pains are associated with every step. My jaw is clenched, shoulders are tight, hamstrings scream, and my feet throb. My attention is focused on my sore body every step of the way.

When I hate running
I feel inadequate.

I am the slowest runner. Everyone else seems faster, stronger a better runner than me. I get down on myself. This is the time when it would be easy to quit. I feel alone. It is at this point I need members of the running community to help me.

When I love running

I look forward to getting out for a run.
When the alarm goes off on a Saturday morning I get up because I know how much better I will feel once the run is done. I have put the run session into my date book. I leave work on time so I can get to Running Free.When I love running – I plan for my runs.I anticipate my run and get organized for it. I am thinking ahead and planning my route for the run. And, if I can’t find matching socks, I don’t care. Nobody will notice. I am ready to go!

When I love running
I enjoy the scenery.

I recognize that my body usually needs a couple of kilometres to warm up. The aches will go away soon. I focus on enjoying the scenery – the creek, the flowers, birds, Christmas lights or the landscaping of the homes.

When I love running
I must remember.

I have experienced many benefits from running. My body is healthier and stronger than it was a year ago. I am part of a running community and have a responsibility to encourage all who participate in this sport.

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