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Mens 3/4 Tights?Manpri’s?–running-tights

As we move firmly into shorts weather and the cold weather gear gets put to the back of the closet I thought I should write about a new(ish) product for us fella’s,the 3/4 length tight.

Should we just call them Manpri’s? Arnold at Mizuno Canada thinks so!Can a man get away with wearing 3/4 tights?My wife doesn’t think so and she likes my scrawny,chicken flesh legs,but not in Exodus 3/4’s.

I had the perfect opportunity to wear them earlier this spring at the Achilles St.Paddy’s Day 5k down at the Steamwhistle Rondhouse Brewery,as the temp’s hovered just above 0 degrees.I gotta say,they took a little getting used to but crap,I liked them.Snug but not uncomfortable,a handy key/gel zippered pocket at the back and another small pocket inside the front wasteband are a great feature.

Cut just below the knee with a snug tapered hem,they won’t be mistaken for capri’s that a lot of the ladies are sporting,and I think they just might catch on,but I can only wear them at races  my wife doesn’t attend!!


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  • Hi,

    I do approximately 250km’s a month (have done this for over 3 years now) and am now a true convert to a 3/4 tight. To the point I rarely use anything but. As much as many may not view this as favourable attire for a guy, I think a few primary tangible benefits. Firstly, these are very comfortable and extremely versatile for my regime. If a short distance and a speed related work, the item I use has a mild compression and I find coverage over my quads, glutes and knees is incredibly valuable. I am lucky that I dont have many problems with calves or ankles. If a longer run say 30+km’s, moderation on heat is no problem and because of a slight compression, this reduces vibration and I am able to recover quickly from these larger runs.
    When you are out there in many different elements including hot temperatures, or rain, the 3/4 length of tight is pretty ideal I find and more comfortable than shorts. A tight that also covers just over my knee has proven pretty good in the event that the volume of work I do on multiple surfaces with variable degrees of track quality, when you trip and fall due to such things as say a raised pavement, the likely point of impact is usually near your knee. On the handful of occassions this has happened, the 3/4 tight has absorbed a fair amount of the fall and I find I am lucky to have most of the skin still left on my knee post the incident. If you do volume work (say over 2000km’s a year), it is likely you need to factor in a few falls over the course a year due. Trick is to keep out there and recover.

    I’m not worried what people think, and I am happy for anyone to join me if they are up for it.



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