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GU Chomps – A Great Alternative to Gels.

As an endurance athlete, does it ever feel like all that you do is eat + train + sleep? it’s life’s triathlon with 3 highly important disciplines – if you plan to achieve your training goals.I must disclose – I am currently training for my first Ironman (Florida).  I never truly imagined how much food my body would require. Not only require, but crave. Before, during, and after workouts. I feel like I am constantly in need of fuel. It has taken some adjustment to fuelling properly. During my longer cycling workouts, I have found typical sports nutrition (gels and sports drinks) to be too much after awhile. My body cannot handle them, neither can my mind. Luckily, I have stumbled upon GU chomps in the last few weeks. I have been using them during longer training sessions on the bike and run. I also used them for the first time at the Toronto Island sprint triathlon. They have provided me with the energy I need without feeling sick to my stomach. It’s as if I am consuming gummy candy while I workout. Who can complain about that?Running Free offers many flavours of the GU chomps. They can be purchased by the package or by the box. Check them out! Either way, highly-recommended for people who cannot stand multiple gels during long workouts.

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