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Mizuno Wave Precision 11

I’ve written many reviews over the past few years regarding my love for the Mizuno Elixir’s and the Nirvana’s.

Here are some of them:

However, as a “Gear Geek” I love trying new stuff. The Elixir’s remain one of my favourite shoes of all time, but the Mizuno Wave Precision’s caught my eye with their orange, black, and white colour scheme.

The other thing that got me was their light weight (9.9 oz); just .4 oz heavier than the Elixirs but it sure didn’t feel that way when I picked them off the display.

I’ve stated previously that I am shifting to running in lighter shoes since I find that simply run better in them (less pronounced heel strike, quicker turnover, less sluggish, etc,) so even though the Precision resides in Mizuno’s Performance Neutral category, and I “should” be running in Support or Motion Control shoes, I was eager to give them a try.

Compared to my regular Mizuno shoes (Elixir and Nirvana), I immediately felt the extra cushioning and flexibility that these provide, and a reduced close to the road response that I am used to with the Mizuno’s I used before.

Nevertheless, these shoes fit in nicely into my current shoe rotation (I rotate shoes every day). I tend to strap these on when I want to do a quick 5 km, or need to do a quickish run in between 10-21 km. The key is being quick with the turnover, and concentrating on a forefoot strike. Otherwise I would probably run into problems since I should be running in more supportive shoes. This is why I am a bit hesitant on taking them over 21 km, when my form might tend to break down.

During my races this summer I saw quite a number of people using these shoes so it seems that they are popular choice for going fast.

The new model is out right now (Precision 12 with new colours), but various sizes of the Precision 11’s are on sale now at Running Free (was $139.99 and are now $109.99) so it is perfect time to give them a try – especially since it is Fall and those Orange and Black colours fit well with this time of year and Halloween.

Get them here:



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