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Nathan Intensity Pack

I’ve had nathan belts for years and have really enjoyed their product.  I decided this year to try one of their packs.  The Intensity pack has many interesting features.  Most of which I have not had need of too this point.

I have not put a ton of miles on the pack yet, but the few hundred I have are good.  The pack comes in real handy on my longer runs, or when mountain biking.  It fits well, and is less noticable on my back than many other hydration packs.  It doesn’t carry a ton of water, but enough to do for a couple hours anyways.

The fit is of particular importance, and the nathan doesn’t miss a beat here.  I find that wearing belts can be tough with a lot of bottles on them.  The pack is nice when I need more water than the belts can hold on long runs.  It takes a bit of getting used to, running with a pack, but it is nicer than the belt with a lot of water.

Great pack, Look forward to putting many more miles on it!

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