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Ok, this is going to sound like a commercial but I can’t help it!  Finally, finally, I have found a pair of socks that work for me!!!  Fox River Socks is where it’s at!

Have you tried many different kinds of socks both cheap and expensive for your running escapades?  Well, look no further.  I stumbled upon them at Running Free almost 2 years ago now and it was the best $12 I have ever spent on running.  If your feet aren’t comfortable on the run, trust me, nothing is comfortable on the run.  I was having the typical problems of socks slipping down, too padded, too warm, didn’t sit at your ankle right, bunching and worst of all, blistering, especially after long runs, even with the use of Body Glide!

Well, I am happy to report that with my Fox River socks, none of this happens any more and Body Glide is not even necessary as I have not had a real blister since I have turned to these socks.  I like when you can’t even tell you are wearing socks and these feel that way.  Fox River technology insures that their socks stay true to their form even after numerous washes, that they don’t slip down, have moisture wicking and have spandex compression zones to add support.

My favourite socks are the Driven Ankle (female), which run for about $12.50 at Running Free and have a little pink breast cancer symbol on the toe.  But there are numerous (they have a whole catalogue on just socks!) to choose from depending on what your preferences. For example: above ankle, 1/4, calf, different colours and designs, padded heel/toe, different degrees of warmth, socks for different terrains and disciplines etc.  I also like that these socks seem to dry fairly quickly while on the run. I have also tried the Velocity Ankle Light, the Acceleration Ankle (thicker) and Adventure Cross Training (AXT) with the same happiness!  As for the men’s side of things, these socks are my husbands’ favourite socks as well (for the same aforementioned reasons).  He prefers the Velocity Ankle Light for running and wears numerous other kinds in everyday life (no stink!!!).  In fact, it is his tradition before every major race to go buy a brand new pair of Fox River Socks to wear for the race!  Even though “they” say not to wear anything new for a race, you can be confident that the material and sizes etc. of these socks remain consistent, so essentially you are not trying anything new! I do have one minor complaint though with these socks and that is with the sizing.  I seem to be right in the middle of the medium and large sizes.  Which in itself is fine, both fit, BUT because they are the exact same looking and have no identifiable size markings on them, I sometimes (after I have started my run of course) notice that I seem to have 1 large and 1 medium on!  It would be great if the size could be imprinted on the sock somewhere so that you know (and this would be good for marketing purposes- making it easy just to go back and get another pair that you want!).

I would encourage you to check out the website or go into the store and give them a try.  You won’t be disappointed!

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